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Rent Affordability Calculator

Calculated Results
You can afford monthly rent up to 1,140.00
Safe< 886.67
AcceptableBetween 886.67 and 1,140.00
Aggressive> 1,140.00
Debt-to-Income Ratio Interest Home Affordability

How much can you afford on rent?

Try to be responsible to your self and live at an affordable cost is the important good start of managing your personal finance. If your rent is too higher, then you will not only have a potential to live under great financial stress but also will not be able accumulate a pool of fund for future home purchasing down payment. Then, how much is too much, you probably will ask. The traditional wisdom said 28% is the break point for safe area and 36% is the up limit for acceptable. You should try to stay at the safe zone. At most, do not cross the 36% up limit.

This calculate will calculate the safe zone and the up limit for you. You can use it to find a renting that is in your comfortable zone.

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