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Ideal Weight Calculator

Calculator Description

Ideal weight calculator will calculate the ideal weight for you based on your height, age and gender. Ideal weight calculator also calcualte the healthy weight range based on BMI value. For adult, the healthy BMI value is in the range of 18.5 to 25. For age from 2 to 20, the healthy BMI range is calculated based on BMI percentile. The healthy BMI percentile range is 5% to 85%.

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How to Calclate Ideal Weight
For age greater than 15, the ideal weight is calculated based on D. R. Miller's formula: \[ for\ Male\ \ \ IW = 56.2 + 1.41 \times (Height - 152.4) \div 2.54 \] \[ for\ Female\ \ \ IW = 53.1 + 1.36 \times (Height - 152.4)\div 2.54 \] Where Height in metric unit of cm. The calculated result is in unit of kg.
For age less and 15 and height less than 120 cm, the ideal weight is based on 50 percentile value from CDC growth chart data files. The health weight range is based on 5th percentile to 85th percentile.
How to reduce daily calorie consumption
Just counting daily calories is often the wrong way to lose weight. If you feel hungry constantly due to control of calorie amount, it will be very hard to get a long term success in weight control. There are two strategies that you can take to make you life easy:
  • Pay attention to calorie density
    Don't eat foods that are fatty and/or dry. Foods that are fatty and dry, like croissants, donuts, chocolate bars, cookies, energy bars, granola cereals, cheesy breads, and potato chips all pack a lot of calories into very small amounts of food. Make sure majority of your foods that are naturally rich in water and fiber. Foods that tend to be naturally rich in water and fiber are whole foods like fruits, vegetables, potatoes , oatmeal, brown rice, and whole-wheat pasta, and legumes like pinto beans, garbanzo beans, peas, and lentils. Other low- to moderately-calorie-dense choices include nonfat dairy foods and lean meat like fish, white poultry without the skin, and game meat like bison.
  • Front Load
    Front load means fill you up with lowest calorie density food in the beginning of your meal. When you’re the hungriest (the beginning of your meal), fill yourself up with the lowest calorie density food will help you just naturally eat less the rest of the meal, which creates the caloric deficit for weight loss.
Application of Calculated Calorie

The calculated value show you the daily calorie needed to based on your activity level. We use the BMI value to figure out your BMI value is out of the health range and that information for us to come out with a suggestion for you to loss weight, gain weight or maintain your current weight. If your current activity level is below moderate exercise, we suggest you to increase your exercise level. The daily calorie needed will take that level increase into consideration.